"Alexa, open YOUR PODCAST and play the current episode"

What would it feel like to have an own skill for your podcast?

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Enter your podcast's URL and we will tell you write away if we can create a skill for it.

Why this is just great for you

Voice platform are the next big thing. Wouldn't it be great if you could be a part of it?

Your voice heard.

Your listeners now get an even easier way to access "YOUR PODCAST". They just start speaking to their Alexa device - and she will answer. You don't need to know anything about building web platforms - we got you covered. Just enter your RSS feed URL and get going!

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Your listeners' wishes fulfilled.

Your listeners can say the following things to Alexa:

  • Help
  • Play current episode
  • Which episodes are available
  • Play episode <name of episode>
  • Pause
  • Continue
  • Forward 3 minutes
  • Rewind 10 seconds
  • Mark the current episode as heard
  • Use all episodes
  • Use only unheard episodes

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All features. In all of the three packages.

All of the three available packages come with all of the features. The difference is: if you choose the free-forever version, your podcast will be part of olelo Podcasts. To activate it your listeners need to say "Choose YOUR PODCAST" first. With the "Basic" package you have your own skill. With the "Advanced" package you have your own skill - and in the voice platform stores your very own name is shown.
For the latter two packages your skill needs to undergo the certification process which might take 1 or 2 days.

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That's what "Free" looks like in the store:

olelo Podcasts

olelo Podcasts

"Alexa, open olelo Podcasts"
"Choose podcast <podcast name>"

That's what "Basic" looks like in the store:


olelo Podcasts

"Alexa, open YOUR PODCAST"
"Play current episode"

That's what "Advanced" looks like in the store:



"Alexa, open YOUR PODCAST"
"Play current episode"

No idea of coding? That's what we're here for.

Just because you know how to publish a great podcast shouldn't mean you must know how to code. Your skill settings are prefilled with the data from your RSS feed. That means: you may have your podcast skill within two minutes! For sure you can edit the information.

"Alexa, open YOUR PODCAST" is just a few clicks away.

Try it now!

I'm in!

Why not just start with our free package? You can try all the features. It\s free - forever. If you like what you hear you can upgrade to one of the other packages - to provide an even better user experience with an own skill.


$0 / month


All features. For free. Forever.

"Alexa, open olelo Podcasts and choose YOUR PODCAST"
olelo Podcasts


$7 / month

$70 / year
if applicable plus VAT

Your own name.

"Alexa, open YOUR PODCAST"

All features from "Basic"
your own publisher name in the skill store

Our team

Two guys from Germany (and some more behind it) who really like the possibilities voice platforms offer. You want to get to know us better? - just drop us a short note!

Sebastian Schöps


IT guy. Father. Driver.

Sebastian Hess


Coach. Father. Sports guy.